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Render Large Point Clouds

Large Scale Delaunay Triangulated Terrain

Rotterdam Demo

Check out which is based on OpenWebGlobe and won the first place of the Web3D city modeling competition (

The demo was created by Geoplex. The following additions were made to OpenWebGlobe:

  1. New Navigation Nodes: Cartesian Navigation / First Person mode / Car mode
  2. Support for Geometry Instancing
  3. Multi-Texture-Resolution 3D-Object streaming
  4. Support for a Multi-User Server


3D buildings from OpenStreetMap in OpenWebGlobe

The bachelor thesis of Manuel Dätwyler and Kevin Hürbi (FHNW – University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Geomatics Engineering) is about OpenStreetMap and OpenWebGlobe:

3D-buildings are generated from the OpenStreetMap database and displayed in OpenWebGlobe. The correct altitude on the virtual globe is retrieved from the ASTER GDEM v2 dataset. All components used, such as OpenStreetMap, OpenWebGlobe and the Elevation data are freely available. The Web Service is implemented as a node.js application.



A demo will be available online soon and the full source code will be released soon on GitHub.

A few more impressions: New York and Beijing:



OpenWebGlobe in Internet Explorer 11

OpenWebGlobe runs in Internet Explorer Version 11 (in Windows 8.1 Preview). Thanks to Microsoft for supporting WebGL in their future browsers!

OpenWebGlobe runs smooth, there are only a few glitches which will be adapted for the IE11 browser soon.

It runs in tile screen and desktop mode: